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Celebrating Africa's rich culture and rhythmic soul, AFRIQUE stands as a premier party label, bringing an unparalleled blend of Afrobeat, Amapiano, Afrohouse and Dancehall to Zurich and Switzerland since December 2019. Hosted at prestigious Venues in Zurich and Switzerland, AFRIQUE not only highlights the continent's diverse facets but also offers an immersive, high-definition nightlife experience. Join us to dance, celebrate, and feel the spirit of Africa in Switzerland.


The Biggest Latin New Year's Eve stands as Switzerland's leading label for celebrating the turn of the year with a Latin twist. Synonymous with quality and excitement, the label specializes in creating a festive atmosphere filled with a diverse mix of Latin music genres. From Reggaeton and Baile Funk to Salsa and Bachata, it sets the stage for a memorable celebration. Embracing the spirit of Latin culture, it promises an unparalleled New Year's Eve experience, welcoming all to dance into the new year with passion and vibrancy.


The Biggest Latin Halloween is an iconic label known for transforming venues into eerie realms of Latin-inspired Halloween celebrations. With a focus on creating chilling atmospheres and unforgettable dance experiences, it mixes spine-tingling decor with the hottest Latin beats. This label guarantees a night where spooky fun and rhythmic ecstasy meet in a uniquely thrilling way.


Experience the magic of Latin Sunset at one of Zurich's most exclusive and picturesque lakeside venues, Samigo Amusement. Embrace the enchanting Latin American vibe and dance to the rhythms of our top-tier DJs, spinning a mix of Reggaeton, Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Cumbia, Latin House, and Latin Pop. Latin Sunset offers the finest Latin music, handpicked by our champion DJs, bringing the heart of Latin America straight to Zurich's rooftop and club scene. If you love the Latin American spirit, dream of fiery nights, and seek an authentic carnival experience, Latin Sunset is your perfect destination. "La vida es un carnaval!"

Noite Brasileira celebrates Brazil, the fifth-largest country in the world, with authentic style, transforming the venue into a Brazilian oasis brimming with zest for life and hot rhythms. Join us for an evening where the spirit of Brazil comes alive, offering an immersive experience in its rich culture and lively beats.

TIEMPOLATINO, a premier event label, specializes in electrifying Latin and Caribbean-themed events. Our DJs blend hot beats from Salsa to Reggaeton, creating nights of passionate dances and unforgettable music. It's more than an event; it's an exhilarating cultural experience, inviting everyone to enjoy and celebrate the vibrant spirit of Latin America and the Caribbean in every rhythm and step.

As an event label, FLOW RD captivates with the fiery spirit of the Dominican Republic. Showcasing an array of Latin music from Dembow to Salsa, it promises vibrant nights filled with the best Latin hits. Perfect for those seeking an authentic Dominican experience, FLOW RD is your gateway to a world of passionate rhythms and cultural celebration.

Amaculture shines a spotlight on Amapiano, South Africa's captivating music sensation. Experience this unique blend of deep house, jazz, and lounge music, famous for its soulful rhythms and infectious beats. Join us for a celebration that transcends borders, bringing the heart of South Africa's vibrant Amapiano scene to you with every note and rhythm.

  • Africa in Switzerland

  • Samba, Culture, and Joy

  • Unforgettable Latin Nights

  • Salsa to Dembow Fusion

  • Lakeside Carnival

  • Dance into the New Year

  • Spooky Latin Nights

  • South Africa's Heartbeat


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